Project Management Consulting by Jeffrey MacBride

Engineering and Project Management professional Jeffrey MacBride, PMP is available to barter Management Consulting services for entrepreneurs, executives and small businesses.

Jeffrey MacBride is an engineering professional who specializes in software development and program management.  A certified Project Management Professional (PMP), MacBride maintains membership within the Project Management Institute (PMI), as well as Lean & Six Sigma Black Belt for Process Improvement certifications.  He is currently in the process of pursuing another certification in Agile Software Development to keep pace with current software development strategies and practices.  MacBride is appropriately equipped with the necessary experience to provide management consulting services within the specialized area of software engineering.  Although he is available for those services on a freelance basis, here on the Bartering Exchange Network MacBride is exclusively offering General Management Consulting.

Product Description

General Management Consulting Services

On the Bartering Exchange Network, project management professional and engineer Jeffrey MacBride, PMP is offering a General Management Consulting service — for free!  This barter is ideal for entrepreneurs and executives interested in freshening up their approaches to management.  With emphasis on general professional development, this consulting package is not industry specific.

Have you recently been promoted to a new leadership role?  Are you unsure of how to manage your team in a way that feels inclusive, productive and In this barter, Jeffrey MacBride, PMP will provide you with the feedback you need!  He will start by providing you with a questionnaire that will dive into your current strategies, approaches and performance.  You’ll then have the opportunity to ask your own questions about areas where you feel your management style could use improvement — even if you’re not sure where to start!  MacBride will then draw on his specialized knowledge in managing projects and programs in engineering and software development to determine new strategies that could benefit you and your organization.