Resume & College Admissions Consulting by Daniel McKelvey

Are you ready to take your career and/or education to the next level? The fastest way to get those sparkling job offers rolling in is to spice up your resume. And the most effective way to do that is to stop telling yourself “later” and start acting now!

Daniel McKelvey is an expert in helping students and professionals set and reach new goals. That’s why his goal is to guide others in their quest to level up. Through his work with EdCast and University Consultants of America, Inc., he has acted as a mentor for students and professionals looking to upgrade their career and educational opportunities. Now, he’s offering his consulting services for free to members of the Bartering Exchange Network! Listed below are the services he’s offering, completely free-of-charge, exclusively on BEN:

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Product Description

This barter is ideal for professionals at all experience levels.  Whether you’ve established a decades long career in a specific field or you’re a fresh-faced college freshman, Daniel McKelvey will help you polish your resume to perfection.  Your resume is a valuable asset to your career — a tool to help you achieve new heights. It acts as a map of your achievements, showcasing your skills, abilities and professional experiences.  In many cases, a job offer is completely dependent upon how someone receives your resume. The organization of that tool is inherently important. The quality of your resume can literally make or break the outlook of your career!  Through this barter, Daniel McKelvey will help you to shape an entirely new resume. He’ll help you swap out the bland for the bold so you can navigate to success in your career.

  • College Admissions Consulting

Applying to college can be chaotic and confusing… especially for first generation applicants.  But even for the legacy leaguers, applying to college can be a stressful situation. Daniel McKelvey assists students of all backgrounds through the college application process.  Through his College Admissions Consulting barter, he will help you through:

  • School selection

Maybe you’ve got a dream school in mind… maybe you’re even a little tunnel-visioned by it.  Daniel McKelvey will help you determine which schools meet your needs based on location, programs and more.  He uses his own survey to evaluate which schools would be a perfect match for your future… even if you’re not entirely certain on the right path.

  • Common App and application advice

Every school’s admissions process varies, so it’s no surprise that the same is true for applications.  Whether your selected school requires simple completion of the Common App or a more elaborate showcasing of your academic abilities, Daniel McKelvey will offer you his expert advice.  From submitting an experience essay to preparing for an interview, this barter will take you through the process.


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