Sailing and Sailboat Restoration with Steven Mesia

Steven Mesia has restored numerous sailboats. His most recent project was a Ketch built in 1963. He is offering to help other sailors restore their project vessels for free, only on BEN!

Amateur sailor Steven Mesia treats sailboat restoration like an art — because it is.  Peeling away at tattered sails and years of grime from past adventures is something he thoroughly enjoys!  But not everyone feels the same… sometimes you come across an incredible deal on a boat, but the condition is less than impressive.  A Quality Systems expert in the Food Industry, Steven Mesia sets a solid emphasis on quality both in his work and his hobbies. His attention to detail translates over effectively when restoring sailboats.  And he’d like to help you restore and/or repair your boat today!

Exclusively on the Bartering Exchange Network, Steven Mesia is offering to barter his sailboat repair and restoration services.  Whether your boat is in need of simple repairs or a full-blown revitalizing restoration — this amataeur sailor is happy to help!

Product Description

His repair package includes:

  • Detail-oriented cleaning (interior and exterior)

Using only the highest quality tools and products, he will make your sailboat shine!

Whether your sail needs to be laundering, restored and completely replaced, Steven Mesia can help.  Additionally, he is willing to install any new sails that you may have acquired.

His restoration package includes:

  • A full analysis on your sailboat

This allows Mesia to uncover what is exactly wrong with your boat and what needs repairing.

  • Repainting

Give your boat a new personality — or help it remember who it once was — with a fresh coat.

  • Hardware reinstallation

Whether you need someone to scrub barnacles off of your prized sailboat or repaint and reconstruct the vessel altogether — Steven Mesia is the sailor for the job!  

Sailing Lessons

As an added bonus, Steven Mesia is offering a Sailing Lessons package.  For this barter, he will show you the ropes of setting sail. This package also includes advice and lessons on how to care for your sailboat so that it may maintain pristine condition for as long as possible.


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