Sam Miri Leadership Development Workshop

Develop your leadership skill set and approach with expert guidance and advice from seasoned executive and Senior Vice President of Omnichannel Strategy at Bally’s Interactive Sam Miri.

Do you want to take your leadership skills to the next level?  If you are currently taking on a leadership role in business, sports, recreation or volunteer work — or aspire to do so — then Sam Miri’s Leadership Development Workshop is for you!  Here on the Bartering Exchange Network, the seasoned SVP of innovative leader in gamification Bally’s Interactive’s Omnichannel Strategy is willing to barter expert advice with fellow members of BEN.  This opportunity is ideal for current leaders of all experience and ability levels, as well as individuals interested in pursuing a leadership role. 

Product Description

General Leadership Skills

Sam Miri’s General Leadership Skills barter service is best matched with an individual who aspires to become a leader, either in their career, nonprofit organization, sports team or other recreational group.  If you are someone who simply wants to strengthen your command and authority, then you can benefit from this opportunity.  For this barter, Miri CRO of Mimik will discuss key concepts which he believes make a demonstrative difference in direction and command.  In a one-on-one conversation, he will discuss ideas such as open communication, empathy, strategic thinking and time management.

Executive Leadership Consultation 

Sam Miri’s Executive Leadership Consultation barter service is best matched with a professional who already holds a position of power within a startup, established business or nonprofit.  This opportunity is ideal for someone who is looking for guidance and advice, from one professional to another.  In a 30 minute conversation, you will have the opportunity to ask Miri for his expert advice on an issue you are currently facing or a project you are looking for a second opinion on.