Entry Level Tennis Clinic by Aaron Umen

If you’re an entry level tennis player looking to hone your craft, or completely new to the sport of tennis — this NCAA Division III Men’s Varsity Tennis player is here to help. So grab your racquet and get ready for instructional gameplay tips from Aaron Umen!

For more than two years, Aaron Umen has worked as a Tennis Coach, Counselor and Assistant Pro at Athletic and Country Clubs in his hometown.  But he’s been a passionate player of the sport for much longer than that!  Well-versed in the sport, he has achieved numerous accolades throughout the course of his still budding career in tennis.  As a Tennis Coach and Counselor, he has become accustomed to running clinics for players of all ability levels, from beginning and intermediate to advanced.  He has worked side by side with incredible talents, the likes of Max Shapiro

If you’re interested in upping your tennis game, or just learning about the sport — this barter is for you!  Aaron Umen’s ‘Tennis Clinic for Entry Level Players’ barter is a free and fantastic way to get a few pointers from an NCAA Division III Men’s Varsity Tennis player!

Product Description

Tennis Clinic for Entry Level Players

This barter is suitable for all ages!  Although Aaron Umen’s Tennis Clinic will be more geared towards pointers for entry level players, all are welcome.  So even if you’re a seasoned player in need of some practice — or advice on performance touch ups — Umen welcomes you to his Bartering Exchange Network exclusive clinic!

For this barter, Aaron Umen will offer you one-on-one instructional lessons on the basics of tennis.  Completed via video call, Umen will offer general advice as well as pointers custom-tailored to improve your ability out on the court.  He’ll also share valuable information on basic tennis techniques — all while keeping you on your toes and interested in learning more about the sport!  This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in fine-turning their skills or discovering new ways to practice tennis in your own backyard!


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