Home Improvement & DIY by Suzanne M. Walsh

DIY Expert and self-taught Home Improvement Specialist, Suzanne M. Walsh wants to teach you how to give your home a personal touch with Do-It-Yourself design!

Suzanne Walsh is excited to teach you how to take your home improvement projects into your own hands.  By bartering with her on the Bartering Exchange Network, you can choose one of the following unique lessons from Walsh:

Product Description

Home Improvement

  • Stenciling For Beginners

Looking to give your walls a unique and personal touch?  Maybe painting and illustration just aren’t your strong suits.  But that’s okay! Have no fear, Suzanne M. Walsh is here with her ‘Stenciling For Beginners’ package!  For this barter, Walsh will teach you the basics of stenciling. Digging into her own creative resources, the DIY Designer will help you select a stencil design that’s right for your walls.  Then, she’ll teach you step by step how to prepare the stencil. This can often be the trickiest part! But Walsh is ready to roll up her sleeves and show you how it’s done! Finally, she’ll instruct you on how to paint the stencil’s image while reducing bleed.  This will ensure that the image is beautifully transferred to your walls!

  • How to Garden Indoors

Have you ever been curious to try indoor gardening?  With the help of Suzanne M. Walsh, now is your chance!  For this barter, Walsh will introduce you to the basics of indoor gardening.  Based on your available space, she will teach you exactly what you’ll need to set up your own indoor garden!  The process will begin with setup and plant selection. From there, Walsh will teach you how to effectively maintain your garden — regardless of the season!

Pet Projects:  DIY Dog House

As a bonus, Suzanne M. Walsh is also willing to teach you how to build a dog house for your furry friends!  (Or, alternatively, she can teach you how to make a cat house indoors!) For this barter, Walsh will walk you through the basics of building a doghouse.  Based on the size of your dog and his/her unique needs, Walsh will recommend the perfect dog house design for you! Bringing her love of stenciling and painting into the mix, she’ll also teach you how to give  your dog house a touch that truly represents your furry friend!


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