Usher Khan Tutoring Services

Usher Khan is an Academic Tutor with more than 10 years of experience in offering science tutoring services. He joins the Bartering Exchange Network to tutor science and medical students free for a limited time.

Product Description

Tutoring Services for Medical Students

Are you an aspiring physician currently pursuing your pre-med or graduate level studies in the field of medicine?  Usher Khan is here to help!  For a limited time, Khan is offering free tutoring services to medical students at all levels of study.  This opportunity is exclusively available to currently enrolled students pursuing any and all degrees in the medical field, from specialized certifications and Associate’s degrees all the way to the pursuit of a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. 

Usher Khan draws on his own experiences in his Tutoring Services for Medical Students.  An aspiring physician, Khan maintains his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Neuroscience.  He is also a Registered Orthopedic Tech (ROT) working in the Dermatology and Orthopedic Surgery fields of medicine.  Khan has previously volunteered his time as an Emergency Department Volunteer at local hospitals in his area.  If your degree or professional pursuits are relevant to any of his experiences, this aspiring physician will be happy to assist you with anything from essay proofreading to exam preparation.

Science Tutoring 

All throughout his high school, undergraduate and graduate studies, Usher Khan has worked as an Academic Tutor.  He is now happy to provide Science Tutoring Services to students in high school and college — exclusively here on the Bartering Exchange Network!  This is an ideal opportunity for high school students preparing for tests, midterms and final exams.  However, Khan is also willing to tutor working adults who are returning to school, either to obtain a collegiate degree or complete their General Education Development tests (GED).